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Dhankesari Today Result 11:55 AM, 4 PM, 8 PM | Morning, Day, Night Result


Dhankesari is a lottery newspaper. They covers Lottery results updates. Here we will give you the latest lottery results of Various states such as like West Bengal, Sikkim and Nagaland State Lotteries. Lottery is now very famous in this above mentioned states because the Full Lottery Draw process is managed and operated by these above mentioned state governments. So the Peoples of the these states is buying the Lottery tickets for getting lottery prizes as there were no cheating in between the lottery winning process till now because full process is operated and monitored by the concerned state government.

So the peoples of these States freely buying the Lottery Tickets because the Full Process is managed by State Government so there is no cheating in the Lottery Draw. There are 3 times of Draw in a Day. In the morning at 11:55 am, Sikkim State Government arranges the Lottery Results daily. In the evening at 4:00 pm, West Bengal State Government arranges the Lottery Results daily. And in the night at 8:00 pm, Nagaland State Government arranges the Lottery Results daily.

11:55 am Sikkim State Lotteries

Sikkim State Lottery is morning time game which is published daily on 11:55 on time. This is a very popular game in terms of lottery.



West Bengal State Lotteries

In West Bengal State Lottery, people can play daily on anytime but the result will be publish daily only at 4:00 pm. click on the above link for see the result of West Bengal state lotteries result through dhankesari.

8 pm Nagaland State Lotteries

Nagaland State Lottery, it is the most popular lottery in the market because many peoples buy the tickets after work and won also because the result is publish at 8pm daily. So anyone can buy the ticket anytime till 7:59pm daily.

Dhankesari Winning Prizes

1st Prize26 Lakhs/-
2nd Prize9000/-
3rd Prize500/-
4th Prize250/-
5th Prize120/-

4pm | West Bengal State Lottery Prize List

1st Prize30 Lakh/-
Cons. Prize1000/-
2nd Prize9000/-
3rd Prize500/-
4th Prize250/-
5th Prize120/-

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